Must have. Must have. Must have.



Yes. It is a gimmick.

Yes. My panties are sopping wet for a gimmick.

But c'mon... if you've got a character who possesses the ability to become invisible then I'm sure as hell not going to bitch about a transparent redeco version of him!

I gots to have me the e-hobby BT-18 Mirage.

These are the kinds of repaints and redecos or whathaveyou that I totally love!


So between this, MP-06 Skywarp and the Big Lebowski figures. . .

I am so screwed.

I will be cremated with both of mine (yes, I am getting 2, just like I got 2 BT-17s).

Binaltech does not mean metal. Binaltech means "double-form technology" or some shit like that. The technology of being cool and the technology of being hot, all at the same time.

Me wants.

The obvious question - does this mean we might see a BT-19 - Mirage (not clear version)? Now I want to know whether it's worth tracking down an over-priced Alternator Mirage or not to go alongside this one.

BTW, they could totally retool the head and create a monstrous Binaltech / RID Side Burn homage.

Well... between KISS Play Hot Rod and Alternator Mirage and the future translucent one you pretty much have the 3 forms of Car Robots Speedbreaker.

Sounds like a BT / CR crossover in the making. :)

This bad boy looks friggin amazing!!!
But $80???? I already own the Alternators Mirage ...

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