Revoltech Convoy

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Revoltech Convoy

Damn! That was fast! I just ordered him the other day.

He's a pricey little bit o'crack. But fun!

I really want the Ultra Magnus version through.

Really. Lots!

Revoltech Convoy is the 1842nd Transformer that I've acquired.

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Just picked up Revoltech Optimus Prime on Ebay along with the Classics Ultra Magnus vs Skywarp and just because i had to have one in my collection, a Battle Damaged Cylon Minimate...

So what's the overall quality like on Prime ? From pictures i've seen it looks to be pretty good...

I loves me the Cylon minimates. . . but don't let Nala hear us. He thinks that they're ugly.

I have to admit that i am rather taken by the Cylon Minimates and the sooner that TOS Cylons are released the better...

Has to be said though that nothing beats the rock Minimates...

And how can 2" Cylon Minimates be ugly ? Walking death machines that fit in a shirt pocket are always beautiful things as far as i'm concerned *nods*

Bruticus: He's solid but the plastic has some give.

However, I thought I'd break him trying to get those damn hands out to change them so he could hold his gun.

Nala: Hopefully there's more give than there was on my Mega SCF Prime because i had that problem with him at first...

For £17.98 that problem really doesn't want to be happening with Revoltech Prime because if it is then i won't be a very happy bunny...

Yes, changing the hands takes some effort. I was worried that I might break him as well. That's why mine will be permanently holding his kick-a$$ oversized rifle!!


Love the poseability on this dude!!

i have a revoltech megatron. i think changing the hands is easy! u just slowly twist them until they come out!

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