Toyshow 2007 - It sucked for TFs once again.


So the toy show sucked for those of use with Transformers-related merchandise.

This will be the 2nd show where this stuff just didn't move and people had barely any interest in it.

Anyway, we got there a little after 7 to start setting up again and reprice and generally organize our shit.

Will joined us and we were all ready to make some money!

Columbus Toy Show 2007 - Our booth of stuff.

Well. At least one of us did. From a certain point of view, Giga made a killing.

Columbus Toy Show 2007 - Giga!

People bought up a lot of his DC Direct and "superhero" figures.

Columbus Toy Show 2007 - Giga pricing and sorting stuff.

Columbus Toy Show 2007 - Giga's Hush figures.

Like last year, there wasn't a whole helluva lot for me to do since nobody but nobody had any interest in Transformers. I sat on my ass a lot but then again, my back was killing me so that's about all I could do.

Columbus Toy Show 2007 - I was bored.

Will had some $2 Odds and Ends Transformers that saw a lot of interest and eventually another dealer bought them all.

The Meisters arrived and brought us some Chipolte which was just what we needed, seeing how we were standing on our feet most of the day and starving by noon. We were starving so bad that I actually... and I can't believe I did this... got some of those nachos with plastic melted "cheese" from the concessions booth. I never ever eat that this.

Columbus Toy Show 2007 - The Meisters saved the day and brought us lunch!!!

Columbus Toy Show 2007 - A little kid dressed as Darth Vader

There were the usual Tusken Raiders wandering around and such andthere was this cute kid dressed up as Vader wandering around (above) who could barely see out of the helmet. He'd walk like 2 feet and then have to raise the helmet to see.

By 3pm or so we started packing up and tearing down since it was totally dead (below).

Columbus Toy Show 2007 - All da crap packed up.

All in all, Giga made about $700 on figures.

I made about $180 on about $900 worth of comics but hey, I wanted them out and at 50 cents they were flying out of the boxes. All the good shit went.

I only sold an Alternator Dead End for like $25 and a Spychanger TinyTin for $3.

That was it.

All in all, it totally sucked.

We got almost all the shit that didn't sell off to the storage unit. I'll add the other comics too it and Giga's remaining toys and eventually the Attic of Love™ will be reduced to nothing more than the Storage Unit of Love™ (below).

The bins from the show are all in storage now.

The best moment of the day was the expression this one little kid had who I gave this huge fabric Pokemon wall hanging too.

He was about 6 or so and his father said he just recently discovered Pokemon.

After going through Giga's remaining Pokemon bins, he was looking for something from a buying a Pokeball for $1 when I basically just said "Hey, you can't forget to take your poster" and gave him the wall hanging (seen here).

The kid was speechless! It was so totally funny!

The look on his face when he got this massively huge wall hanging (from his point of view) for free was priceless.

That's the kind of moments I like about these shows. I can't say I like the adult collectors much but you can totally make a kids day if you want to.

I also sold an MIB 6" Titanium WW Prime and the crappy Megatron to two kids for $1 each too!

I'm glad to be rid of those figures.


I love your posts about toy shows and I was poring over every last detail of the pictures as you were posting them. There was a lot of nice older stuff in there like the RiD Scourge that I was sure would fly and I'm stumped as to why it didn't.

Last night I figured the Alternators Dead End and the Titanium Prime marked at $6 would definitely sell. I'm a bit confused why the other Alternators and Binaltechs didn't go, but my secondary market speculative reality doesn't always line up with real life. I'm surprised you were asking so little for Alt Dead End as that one's pulling at least $35-$50 on Ebay lately. Then again, Ebay isn't very reflective of real life either.

You sold an alt dead end for $25?????? Have any more????? Been looking for that bastard forever :(

Ebay *is* very reflective of real life; just not *human* life. There is a little known species of insect, the Zirconium Blowfly; it spends its scant life dying in droves at the hands of its two natural predators, the Price-Gouging Bastard Beatle and the formidable Sniper Eel.

Man that sucks did anyone there even know what Starsaber is? i was sure you might get a bite on him.

Regarding Dead End... I didn't have any time to try and see what some of this older stuff was going for. It had been in my sale bins since last year's show.

I knew immediately that the price was wrong after I said it.

But oh well. Life goes on.

And no. I don't have any more of them at $25.

James: One old guy showed interested but balked at the fact we did not take debit cards. There were like 3 (out of 30) dealers that did and all of them do this for a living. Everybody was pretty much cash only, like most of these kinds of shows are.

CrazySteve: I also sold a Titanium Prime and Titanium G2 Megs to 2 kids of $1 each.

Wow, your weekend sounded pretty exciting Nala!
Shame that you didn't drum up as much business as you wanted.

JOP - Great eBay analogy mate. I friggin hate both the Price-Gouging Bastard Beatle and the formidable Sniper Eel.


Hey this looks like a good show! I was looking for the Columbus Ohio Toy Show??? looks like their official website is down??? is this the one I'm looking for??? thinkin about makin the trip from Muncie IN. I owned an Action Figure/Comic Shop for about 5 years & now I have tons of figs to unload. THANKS Travis HERO HIDEOUT

Apparently the site is "under construction" for the pages dealing with the Ohio shows.

The show definitely seems more popular with the superhero action figure stuff.

Muncie isn't that far and with the tables as cheap as they are it might totally be worth you time and initial expense.

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