Wow! I won an auction I really wanted to actually win!


Holy shit!

I actually won an auction with the extremely rare Takara PVC chase figures I needed and one of the even rare PVC chase/bonus part figures.

Cost me a shitload more than I really wanted to pay and contains a ton of PVCs I already have but I have never physically seen the chase/bonus colored Scorponok!

Insanely overlypriced awesomeness!

And I remember somebody recently emailing me about wanting to buy some PVCs.

Well... I'll have a ton for sale as soon as the items arrive!


Congrats on the auction win nala!!

Don't mean to hijack your post ...

Q) Has anyone here bought those knock-off combiner team TFs? Like the G1 constructicons or stunticons?

I found a KO Lio Kaiser ... not exactly the same, cause they use a different mold for one limb, but close enough (since I won't ever own the real deal). I know they won't be amazing, but are they ok? Decent enough to transform once or twice without breaking? Thoughts?

I have a full-size Devestator and a smaller one that I've planned on kitbashing into General Devestar from Zone.

They are shitty as can be but for my purposes, General Devestar doesn't break into the Constructicons so I can glue them all together.

I've had the Raiden and the Devastator, and the Devastator sucked-several of the Constructicons were improperly put together and he barely stayed in robot mode. I've used a couple of the pieces to supplement the ones I'm missing from my real Devastator but you kind of have to adapt a few of them to fit. The Raiden I've transformed about three times without breaking, and it displays and holds together fairly well, but it's pretty obvious that it's a bootleg.

Thanks for the comments folks.

OK, guess I'll pass. I can use my money elsewhere ...

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