My god I am stupid.


Oh my god! These "energon cubes" suck balls.I really fucking thought that I was getting the energon cubes that I've seen in Evebird's office.

But noooooooo!!!

Stupid Nala has to just go and order something without looking closer.

These are overpriced frigg'n undrilled translucent dice!!!!

That's it!!!!


Nala <---- Lame.


Think of these as limited edition TF, 3rd party, unlicensed accessories ...

By the way, anyone recommend buying Heinlad? Just found a nice looking one on Ebay...


I don't have one and I want one badly.

I'm surprised El McBeardson hasn't commented on this Heinlad issue yet. He's a major proponent of owning said tanooki.

Hmmm... Might go for this one then. No box, but looks in good nick and fully weaponised...


I am certainly sorry that you got the "wrong" cubes.

But I do find it ironic. I have long avoided buying the cubes because I thought they were overpriced, yet have considered getting the very cubes you apparently think are worthless.

Do you mind if I ask why you think these are inferior? "Undrilled translucent dice" doesn't really tell me much, since that's all I expect Energon Cubes to be....

Sorry guys, had a nasty cold yesterday. They don't look too bad, although like the ones that come with the Insecticons Takara rerelease they look both unprocessed and a little too small.

Anyway, the reasons for owning Heinlad are fourfold features that no other TF can boast:

1) Giant Robot Tanooki Nuts.
2) A missile firing firearm composed of a purse and a jug of wine.
3) His own shades.
4) A working alarm clock in his chest (which would be the only caveat about buying him out of box-does the clock work or not?)

B-W: I could find something similar to this in a craft shop. I was expecting the larger hollow "cubes" that take the glittered inserts.

These are just... not exactly what I thought I was getting.

Heinlad auction

Anyone confirm that this is the ORIGINAL? Or is it a knock off at that price?


Had an email from the seller, it's the orginal Takara Heinlad... At £5.99 plus £7 postage, I'm buying it! Nala, there should be one more left if you want it!


Yeah, that's definitely an original. Enjoy!

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