Thank god 98% of this are all still MOC or MIB!


TF Universe Frostbite

I got started on the Transformers Universe gallery today.

Thank god 98% of this are all still MOC or MIB! They'll be so much easier to pack up into boxes.


See, I thought you were going somewhere else with this: "Thank god 98% of these are still MOC! They'll be easier to sell."

Never did like Universe.

I thought the same as evebird ....


Well, four things.

1) Cherry-Vanilla Primal and vaguely-Canadian colored Depthcharge were good clearance placeholders until I could get my hands on their proper counterparts.
2) I was really lucky on what I paid for Big Convoy, otherwise Nemesis Prime was an affordable way to get the mold on this side of the pond.
3) Inferno is with my Classics as Red Alert.
4) The Micromaster Gestalts.

Other than that, yeah, most of the color choices made me wonder if they were hiring hippies having acid flashbacks to design them. Purplebolt made some sense considering his appearance in Beast Machines, but was still butt-ugly.

Oooo, Frowny makes a good point. The Micromaster gestalts are certainly worthwhile sets. I forgot those were Universe toys.

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