Takara Scorponok PVC (chase/bonus figure)


Takara Scorponok PVC (chase/bonus figure)

After many many years, and alas at quite a high price tag, I finally have found one of the hardest to find Takara PVCs.

Not only is it a chase figure, it is also considered a bonus figure as each piece was broken up with other full figures and you had to collect and track down all of them.

But finally. I have one! The first one I've ever seen.

Takara Scorponok PVC (chase/bonus figure) is the 1860th Transformer that I've acquired.


Well, his head looks much better than the real thing, that's for sure.

I dunno, I rather liked the toy. It was cool that his helmet doubled as a driver's cockpit... never figured out what that great-big chest cavity was for, though.

Anyway... congrats! Must feel great. :)

i am getting the pewter 1!!!

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