Binaltech Black Convoy (2007 Wonderfest Exclusive)


Binaltech Black Convoy (Takara 2007 Wonderfest Exclusive)

My god is he heavy. If I accidentally dropped him I think I could take out at least 2 cats with him. He cost a pretty penny but I think in the long run he's totally worth it for my collection.

Even looking at him in the package you can tell he's a thousand times purtier than Alternator Nemesis Convoy!

But the weight! Insane! He's as heavy or heavier than MP-01 Convoy and MP-02 Ultra Magnus.

Binaltech Black Convoy is the 1858th Transformer that I've acquired.


What did I tell you? ;) BT-17 might well be the best release of the whole year.:)

Looks sweet.

wow!.. dude! you are one rich lucky muthaf*ckr...

revned3182: my wallet isn't.

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