Takara Masterpiece MP-05 Megatron


Takara MP-05 Masterpiece Megatron

Look! No orange tip!

For the $100 I spent I wish he'd frigg'n stand!!!

Masterpiece Megatron is the 1843rd Transformer that I've acquired.


So he does have standy issues?

I'm still buying one.

Kremzeek = best TF accessory ever!

If my knees and back aren't killing me from the basement work tonight I'll do a special photoshoot of Autolooper Kremzeek and Masterpiece Kremzeek!

Where did you buy it? Was it a modded version and you just took off the tip?

Anon: TFSource. It appears modded at the factory but the things just an orange plug that fits into the barrel. It pops right out.

Mine arrived 2 days ago .... it is sweet. Still haven't had the nerve to actually transform it though ....

And I've had no problems standing Megs up ...

I've got his legs in a better position today. He's standing ok now.

Ok, now that I've seen (and held) MP Megs in person, here are some additional thoughts:

* Much more plastic than I thought. Virtually no metal.
* Seems to stand okay.
* Very nice design. Skinny legs don't bother me as much as they did initially.
* So much for the orange safety cap. Ha ha.

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