I guess these could be considered toy spoilers.



So I was clicking through all of my TF sites today and lo and behold the TF Club site was updated with a future comic cover for their inhouse book.

I'd imagine that this will tie into the GRC toys derived from the Classics (and possibly Cybertron) lines.

You've got Classics Ultra Magnus leading a variety of characters, some of them "based" on current toys.

From what I can see, you've got Elita-1 (from the Cybertron Thunderblast mold), Springer (from Cybertron Vanguard Hot Shot), Power Glide (from possibly Cybertron Brimstone or Cybertron Jetfire --- I think), a very blue "Huffer" (from Cybertron Armorhide), and 2 others I can't make heads or tales of.

One on the bottom right is too vague and the character between UM and Grimlock looks almost like a Grimlock himself.

I'm thinking the Primus attendee-only toy at the GRC will be another decepticon like the rest of the box set so that leaves some of these characters open to being show-exclusives like last years Megs/Waspinator and Laserbeak/Buzzsaw 2-packs.


Cybertron Armourhide is a way cool and highly underated mold!!

Indeed! He screams Huffer/Pipes!

I'd say the little guys might be mini-cons.

And they're diving out of a Javelin 7. Oops, wrong toy line.

Looks more Arcee than Elita to me.

I would've thought personally it would be Arcee (especially with Ultra Magnus, Hot Rod, and now apparently Springer in the line) but those 'antenna' on her head scream Elita-1.

Cybertron Armorhide is indeed awesome. He seems to have picked up the moniker of "Tiny God" on numerous boards, and it's about time he got that much-needed Classics repaint. I'm just hoping that they have the sense to do both Huffer *and* Pipes.

His head is drawn a bit crazy.

As for our background fellows... the guy at the bottom is Strongarm, the Powerglide-esque guy at the top is Swoop, both Classics Minicons. Guy at top left... dunno. Looks a bit Dinobot-ish to me, though.

Consensus on the web (unconfirmed by Pete at this stage) is that the guy in the upper left is Action Master Snarl.

Mmmm. . . if what Walky says is true, I'm hoping it's either Pipes or Springer that ends up the transformers club exclusive.

I'm hoping it's Springer, because my love for the character does not outweigh my hatred of that damn Hot Shot mold. Whichever genius decided to make the bloody gun stacks detachable should be shot. (Even money says its the same guy that designed Cyb. Metroplex's shoulder antenna.)

If they were fixed they'd be really easy to break. Besides, they're a different plastic than the gun pods/launchers.

Sorry if this is a dumb question: who would the Classics Springer be a repaint of?

I thought they already did an homage to him with Energon Bulkhead???

Frowny: Oh, I understand. Need for breakaway parts and all that. I'm just wondering what kind of design decision-making concluded that it was a better alternative than, say, producing slightly larger barrel tips which could have then been pinned into place (a la Starscream's nose in Classics.)

Me and my daughter operate a simple demarcation; I don't come home to find my Binaltech collection having a tea party, and she gets to pick from whatever the latest line is Hasbro are operating at the time.

So as a parent, it makes me a teensy bit worried when bite-sized chunks of plastic start coming off her toys. Now to be fair, it's certainly not big enough to be a choking hazard, but if that's the case then I have to wonder what the differentiating factor is between that and the oversized missiles we see nowadays.

God, I need to stop overthinking everything. :)

Sorry, JOP. I forget that some people on here are actually buying toys for their kids, too.

But now I want to see Binaltech Tea Party vs. The Electric Vagina Monsters in a battle of the bands. . .

Ah, I'm not gonna hold it against you :)

Also, Binaltech Tea Party and The Electric Vagina Monsters ftw! I do believe at this rate we may well have to form said bands and perform said performance... does anyone here know how to operate an instrument other than scathing wit?

Holy shit! "Binaltech Tea Party" is an AWESOME band name!!! I'm so stealing that for my band name after The Electric Vagina Monsters breaks up due to creative differences!!!

I bet I can play bass as well as Sid Vicious did. . .

Ok. It is official!

Binaltech Tea Party is playing Dyngus Day next year!

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