And now... The Beast Wars (shit)!


So today I managed to get 90% of the Beast Wars toys packaged up.

Now when it comes to Beast Wars, the only guys that are actually on display are the show appearing characters.

Quite frankly, the others are either thrown into a bag or there's the few MIB ones littered around.

This is one series that produced entirely too much toy crap. Then again, I came very late to the Beast Wars table so the only ones I care about are those toys that appeared in the show.

Beast Wars Transmetal Cheetor

Beast Wars Transmetal 2 Tarantulus (close-up)

Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Megatron

Beast Wars Silverbolt

Obviously, I took the time to inventory and photograph the Beast Wars figures.

The full Flickr gallery is online too, as well as the beginnings of the Beast Machines/Beast Wars Returns gallery.


I hate to sound critical but your apathy for th eline is apparent by the fact that almost every photos has some sort of slipp mistransformed part or parts.

Apathy for the line???

When did I ever say that? (And the "shit" of the title refers just to "this shit" and "that shit".)

The toy crap I am referring to is the repainting of some of these as other characters (Grimlock!?!?!), and the miscellaneous tons of figures that are pretty mediocre for the the most part. I have a massive bag of all the now show characters waiting to sell off.

I suppose my feelings for the non-show stuff could possibly be called apathetic. I have no problem with the line from the perspective of the show characters and am thrilled that we've gotten reissues with much better paint jobs. (My TakaraToy Black Widow arrived today and she's fantastic!)

Now I also do not have directions for most of these since like 80% of my Beast Wars stuff came to me in a loose lot of figures and I did my best to clean them up and fix them up.

I could honestly care less if they are slightly mistransformed.

... especially since they're being packed up to move. I mean, if you were trying to get catalog shots or something, I could see you being meticulous, but shooting what's there for (mainly) inventory purposes? Does it matter?

Maybe that didn't come out quite right. The post does seem a bit like you don't care for most of the Beast Wars stuff, which yeah, there was a LOT of filler crap during that time.

Yeah. I can see that. I just right train-of-thought. I loves me some Beast Wars though.

And I'm now moving up the new Black Widow to a "must have" for BW fans!!!

She's got her stripes!!!!!!!!!!

I've gotta back Nala on this one. I love Beast Wars, I credit it with rekindling within me the plastic addiction from my childhood. But of the toyline I only have the "cast" characters, the rest of the line I couldn't care less about.

Maybe that's more a credit to the creators of the Beast Wars show than to Hasbro.


Yeah. The fiction and the acting in the fiction definitely has something to do with it. I don't think that there will ever be TF fiction, including the forthcoming film, that will ever match it.

That said, even though I've never seen Beast Wars Neo, I've warmed to some of those characters and toys such as Lio Convoy, Stampy, and Longrack. Not quite sure how or why though.

Who's the guy in the first pic? Is that a transmetal Cheetor? He looks mildly interesting. Hmm, must investigate further ...

I really loved the Beast Wars and even Beast Machines. I have the characters from the show but I never bothered getting characters that didn't appear.

The thing about Beast Wars is that it was such a great show in so many ways. I loved the characters and the interactions with each other. I thought Inferno was a riot because he actually thought he was a fire ant and protected his "Queen" at all costs. They also cleaned up a lot of G1 lore that tended to contradict itself. Plus I liked the idea that they had Sparks that represented their souls. That was neat.

It has always been a hope of mine that they would do another Transformers series in that style of Computer Animation. I don't think Mainframe exists anymore but maybe someone else will pick up where they left off. I didn't care for the various Transformers series that followed Beast Machines. Not to say they were bad, but they didn't keep me interested. I guess they were aimed at the younger crowd which is good to keep Transformers going.

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