This makes most fuzors look good!


"Cool T-Rex Transformer Guy"

Sorry niknatti. This most certainly would not be a "great addition to any transformers collection".

In fact, I think it may be one of the most disturbingly ugly things I've ever seen.

Animorphs... the true bottom rung of Tranformers.


"Switches between human and poorly-proportioned T-Rex fetus! Buy yours today!"

I used to own that set. Lame indeed.

I use to own most of them, but then woke up from the fog and sold them to some other poor completist. However, I didn't even know that horrific freak of nature even existed!

This site is filled with idiots,that animorph (which i agree on,it's just a different word for digested crap) is part of a combiner which i will avoid for ever.

Which site? This one or ebay?

Both lol, mostly ebay.

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