Sam's Club Ultra Magnus gots grogeous eyes!!!!


TF Universe Ultra Magnus (Sam's Club Exclusive) (close-up) - I so love the eyes!

One of the rarer figures released here in the states over the past few years, but also one of the best of the TF Universe line, was the Sam's Club Exlusive redeco of RID Ultra Magnus.

He's got a much darker color palette than his Car Robots/RID counterpart and I really wish I had 2nd one to open.

One's really fantastic about him is his eyes. Hasbro gave them a chrome paint job that really makes them glow when the right light hits them.

I so love this guy.


I have the 'regular' RID version of this guy ... great mold, but complicated to transform! Looks great beside RID Optimus Prime!

Combine him with the black god fire convoy. :P

Only Black God Magnus is allowed to do that!

Well... one of 10 of those that were ever made.


One day.

Hey... wasn't all that long ago you were telling yourself you'd never get a Black Fire Convoy. Time, patience, and eBay, my friend. :)

I second Ben's idea ... please post pics!!

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