Toyshow 2007 - The Setup is Done


So Evebird helped us move a few things but all in all, the trailer and the pickup bed handled just about everything.

Columbus Toy Show 2007 - Setting up our booth.

So Mister and Mrs. B. met us all at the convention center and helped us setup.

Mister H. showed up with his stuff to add to the tables and shelves which is nice because combined it looks like he and I have 70% or more of the TF stuff. Thankfully very little of what we have conflicts.

Columbus Toy Show 2007 - Holy crap! This dealer's got the new Who toys!

This one dealer has a ton of the new Who toys. Giga and I got our panties in bunches over this crap! I so want that die-cast TARDIS for my office.

I even sold $33 in comics already (to other dealers) and Mister B. and Evebird bought some of Giga's stuff. One guy wanted Will's GIJoe stuff but I'm not sure if he sold it or not.

Columbus Toy Show 2007 - G'nite toys and comics. See you tomorrow.

The toys and comics are all now asleep under sheets and are awaiting their move to new homes tomorrow.

We'll be there bright at early at 7am.

It is gonna be a helluva long day.


Oh hey! This reminds me of a story I could tell on my blog. I learned a while back that all the best deals are done before the shows even open to the public. All the dealing during setup makes it worth buying a table just to be in on the pre-show action.

I made most of my cash during the 7-9am setup and the 9-10am early bird admission period. From noon-4pm, I think I only made about $50.

CrazySteve: There was a lot of dealer buying done but I wouldn't say there were any "deals" per se. Though the dealers that raided the comic bins made were shocked that I had such 80s goodness for 50 cents.

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