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2007_04_24_thunder.jpgSo this is going to sound a bit stupid coming from somebody who has a site devoted to Transformers and has wasted entirely too much time on them but... and I mean this... Is this a good Thundercracker?

Truth be told, beyond his appearances in the G1 cartoon, I have absolutely no real familiarity with this character. He and Skywarp are pretty much just differently colored Starscreams to me and that's about it.

My apathy for the G1 seeker toys is pretty solid and I've only ever had them given to me. I've never sought out to buy either the originals or the coneheads.

So. Is this repaint a good Thundercracker?


I wasn't too bothered by the other two "Coneheads" turning up as part of a Botcon package but Thundercracker as far as i'm concerned is a must have, especially if you already own Skywarp and Starscream...

Would have been happy if the "Coneheads" had been released as Botcon exclusives and the normal straight 3 seekers had been released as part of Classics...

As for your question, I like him, not as much as Skywarp because he outdoes everybody but Thundercracker would definitely have been a welcome addition to my Classics collection...

He's a spot-on representation of the character, although I would've liked to see a little more colour on weapons. That aside, he looks pretty spiffy.

As in so far as the fans love for the Seekers... it's a superhomage, a greater homage of individual references. It's like any time you want to reference Reed Richards, you need to bring the Four into it too.

Not to mention, quantity can sure make up for personality. :)

I'm just hoping we don't see 'exclusive' Botcon Sunstorms, or worse. Didn't they learn anything from last year?

It corresponds to the original in basically the same way that Classics Starscream did. . . so yeah, it's pretty good.

Anyway, I was a big fan of Thundercracker based on his one discernable display of personality (The episode "Fire on the Mountain" where he decides to let the autobots sabotage Megatron's plan because he figures Megatron will blame it on Starscream.) because he struck me as some kind of total slackass who joined the Decepticons because he just wasn't whiny enough to be an Autobot. And his slackassedness made him constantly resentful of his manager, the overambitious Starscream. Sort of like Lister and Rimmer from Red Dwarf. But I was always confused that anyone with "Thunder" in their name would carry a flamethrower.

Sorry, I don't need to bring up Johnny Storm to talk about what a dick Reed is. Because Reed's a dick.

well liek I said in the Dirge post you had... the color makes me happy.. it matches the toy well and isnt the lighter blue like Dirge. All in all im happy with it.

Definitely cool .... hope I can own one of these someday.

*** drool, drool ***

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