Hasbro 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime


Hasbro 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime

20th Anniversary Optimus Prime is the 1844th Transformer that I've acquired.


Yah for a new color gun!

Limited edition Prime w/Bronx accent!


Looks like you got it on clearance ....

$20. You can't beat that for a figure they were trying to convince people to buy a 2nd time with a retail of $69 or so.

I wish i lived in the land of milk and honey Nala my local TRU is charging 89.99 still and wally world which is right nextdoor is marked down to 50

I think he found this in a rural Wal-Mart.

I actually picked that one up in the hinterlands. I'm afraid they'll all be gone by the time I can swing by there next week.

I am still holding onto hope, though, that there is still one specific Alternator in stock down there, waiting for me to pick it up.

Leave it to me to turn a semi-formal occasion into an excuse for long-distance toy-running.

Any differences between this one and MP OP (other than the obvious colors)? I have two sitting in the top of my closet, but one is for my son's birthday in August and don't want to open the other one for fear of making him jealous. Only paid $17 for them at Target. (This store is weird, they get the new stuff in and put it on clearance in two weeks. Did that with the Ultra Magnus/Skywarp set, the Universe Devastator/Build Team repaint, this one, couple of others. Not that I'm complaining.)

Yup! There isn't a UM/Skywarp two pack to be found.

I hear they actually dropped to like $7 clearance too.


I seem to recall the same with the TFU Devestator repaints too.

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