Brian! Close the window! You're letting out the stank!


I know I've been pretty much absent as of late.

There's not much in the world of transforming toy robots to really be concerned with right now and the recent downturn in my health hasn't really put me in the mood to shoot the shit about toys.

Yup. The knee's a real mess right now and I don't think it'll get better any time soon. It sure hasn't in the last 3 weeks.

I'm going in Monday to have cortisone injected into it so that I can at least attempt to make it through next week's trip to San Francisco. After I return I'll be discussing options with my doctor for surgery.

There's this glimmer of hope in the dark dank recesses of my mind that if I can get the knee operational again then that will make it easier to get back onto my gym routine on a permanent basis. Thankfully my back has been ok. *knock on plastic robots*

Without my 5 day a week cardio my health fails really quickly. Such are my genes.

I'm thinking I'll likely be messed up for a week or so and maybe, with Giga lugging up boxes from the basement, I can sort some toys and finally meet my promises to purge some of the toys.

We shall see.

Anyway, time to go get ready to watch my favorite Moose Killing MILF Governor of Alaska.

Oh... wait... I do have something to say about robots after all...


Methinks the kids are gonna love these though no matter how cheap and un-Transformersish they are.


While I do agree those figures are crap (and not just crap but horrible crap) I think equating them with Power Rangers is a low blow seeing as how Bandai has actually managed to make some pretty awesome Megazords over the years (I'd even go as far as to argue that the original Megazord and Dragonzord are on the same quality level as the best of G1).
No, those look more like the horrible kind of GoBot shit or the hilarious South American KOs. How the Animated series could make Ultra Magnus and Earth Megatron look so incredibly awesome and Jetfire and Jetstorm look like blasphemous garbage is beyond me. This is almost as offensive as changing Prowl from an awesome police robot into a dweeby "ninja" motorcycle.
It kind of reminds me of the X-Men movies how they'd have cameos from characters that resembled their comic counterparts IN NAME ONLY. Nothing was more pathetically amusing than Kid Omega being a geeky white blonde kid with incredible telepathic abilities in the comic and then showing up in X3 as an Asian dude in his thirties with "spike" powers. And let's not forget how they had Psylocke in X3 but she had the more obscure Post-Crimson Dawn powers that mainstream fans (who weren't diehards) wouldn't recognize.
Fuckin' Hasbro. I think Transformers Animated "rapes my childhood" and G1 far more offensively than the Bay movie ever could. It truly is the worst thing to ever happen to Transformers in my opinion and I'd go as far to say I think it's worse than those somewhat disturbing Binaltech comics where the Anime girls would fly out of the transformers all naked and gooey.

While I don't agree with Sean about Animated, I feel like these two look like they are unfinished. I see the comparison with the human Power Rangers figures. I also see a comparison with the Pretenders robots without the shell. It feels like we were "Godzilla'd", where they were holding them back for a long time because they knew they weren't any good or something. It's too bad, because I was looking forward to them.

Hi Nala. I've tried to contact you via email with no luck. Please contact me. I am a TFan from Mexico and got an important question about Clear God Fire Convoy. Thanks!!!

I like the idea that they were going for, and the two certainly look (by themselves) to be somewhat characterful.

Unfortunately, whilst the engineering appears to be pretty clever, it still leaves a combined mode that is out of proportion. And as for the combined vehicle mode... yeah. Gentlemen, begin writing your top / bottom jokes now.

I'm wondering if it's a good idea that was shot by the scale, or whether the engineer felt the proportions and general lack of hands was cool.

Now, if we had something more akin to Team Dreadwing... that would've been a much better approach, I'm thinking. Or Team Victory Saber, if we want to go that route.

Or a Dreadwing versus Victory Saber two-pack, all rendered in that beautiful Animated style. *drool*

The important thing is, feel better! Here's hoping that surgical options or no, you can get back on your feet sooner rather than later. :)

Ah, yeah, okay, I see what you were saying. Yeah, they do sort of look like the original 7'' PR figures.
I really just wish Hasbro would continue what it's (almost) always done with Jetfire and have him be a ripoff of the VF-1S from Robotech/Macross. That design has always worked for him and the whole "if it ain't broke don't fix it" expression really comes to mind when I see how shitty these toys look compared to the VF-styled Jetfires that have been released over time.
As I said, Animated has some of the worst redesigns for the G1 characters ever. People can bitch about the movie designs straying from the G1 designs all they want but I'd take, say, a helicopter Soundwave over a fuckin' "Rock and Roll Guitar Soundwave" any time and don't get me started on how fugly and blasphemous Shockwave is. Sorry Superconductor but Animated just sucks IMO (though they did finally get Ultra Magnus right and make Prime more flawed and therefore more interesting).

Dude! Those things suck! I really like the idea of two combining "brothers" and the names are cool, but WTF HasTak? They look really poorly designed...almost like a McDonald's Happy Meal version of the actual figs. Maybe they are! Sure...there is a "real" version in a Super Secret Top Secret vault somewhere that they'll release on the sly. Man, that would be awesome...unlike these figs which are full of fail. I like the cartoon, but I can't bring myself to buy most of the figs. I only have Soundwave, Lockdown, and Grimlock. My six year old loves them though...and I guess that's the whole point. Damn toys geared towards children. Reconfigurable plastic robot paperweights are for grown-ups!

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