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So if we are getting a brand new Universe 2.0 Inferno I'm wondering if they'll do the right thing and repaint Sidewipe as Red Alert to go with him.

I mean... they always were a strange sorta gay tag team duo.

And if you are gonna repaint something then at least repaint something that makes sense.


Red Alert is such an obvious shoe-in - and Hasbro obviously care about both the mark and the G1 character, 'cause they knocked out that Legends version.

Plus, repaints = good, and the only similar release is Prowl (and he should be off the shelves well before Red Alert would land.)

Although I would say that the tag team was less Sideswipe / Red Alert, more Red Alert and Inferno. Which, considering we're also getting an Inferno, would suggest...

Because of the neo-Classic sizing issues, would that make G2 Inferno a bear?

Energon Downshift works okay as a Classics Wheeljack but I would not mind seeing something closer for him too. I saw a custom using the Sideswipe/Sunstreaker mold that looked decent enough in car mode.

Maybe a Jazz from the Bluestreak/Prowl mode (but then that'd be four from that one).

I do think Red Alert from Swipe/Streak is the most likely.

...and this is why I should be prohibited from commenting on four hours or less sleep. :)

BTW, see that TakTomy have got Thrust and Dirge in the works? (Apparently with new wing molds for both, no less.)

Also, new Wheeljack would be nice. Or even Energon Downshift in more traditional Wheeljack colors. (Although that might open the door to next year's Botcon Malboro...)

I doubt it would be for Inferno if they did, because A: They're from different Sublines, Inferno is from the 25th anniversary subline while the Sideswipe mold is from Classics 2.0.
And B: Inferno is G2-based, not G1-based.
Not saying paranoid cop-man wouldn't be cool though. And they're doing Smokescreen so obviously they have no problems with three mold uses in one line. Though seeing how they f*cked up on Smokescreen, i hope they don't forget the red head for RedAlert.


Of course, G2 Inferno was almost a straight reissue of G1 Inferno.

(Straight reissue...does that mean he and Red are through?)

I wouldn't be surprised to see U2/C2 molds in the 25A line. They're going to use Classics Starscream.

Cordially yours:
Autobus Prime
w/minicon Farebox.

True, but that's cause Classics Starscream's mold already fits into the 25th Anniversary G1 Series aestethic. The Sideswipe mold, does not.

DR, why do you insist on opening your profanity spewing mouth? Do you have to be so anally literal? Can others not have an opinion to share without you spouting off? Oh why do I bother...

"Profanity spewing mouth"? You're seeing things that aren't there. Go see a shrink about it instead of taking it out on me. I have not been denying anyone their opinion, i've just stated mine as well and was having a healthy discussion with Autobus. You, however, are trying to force me to drop my opinion, and you don't see anything hypocrit in that?

Bringing up Smokescreen is an excellent point... it might be fair to hypothesize that:

(a) Hasbro love repaints
(b) They are willing to mine G1 to the max
(c) As long as marketing factors don't interfere

(i.e. It would be a bad step to release Classics versions of Sideswipe, Cliffjumper and Ironhide in the same class and wave, as they wouldn't stand out from one another on the peg.)

So, as long as it doesn't interfere with said concerns, we could easily see Classics Red Alert.

And why wouldn't Hasbro cross series lines with their homages? The payoff is more fans buying, but the general public wouldn't see any connection and therefore consequent issue. (Take the recent swathe of Micromaster-themed paintschemes, for instance.)

Also, if they got the Fire Chief deco on their, then there would be options down the line to release combined two- or even three-packs with Inferno and Prowl.

So I'm calling "Chances are good." :)

uh, I don't care what series the package says the figure's in. I hope they do a Red Alert from the Sideswipe mold, and just PUT it in a package. Hell, if they make it, put it in a PAPER BAG and will sell it to me at retail rather than Botcon prices, I see that as a triumph. The ONLY reason I care about MISB or packaging in general is for the ones I'm not positive I'm keeping---not for the storyline. Other than that, they're all in one army for me (except for the Animated ones---they stay separate). Granted, I have a ton of MIB and MISB stuff, but that's because I'm not positive they're staying yet. . .some of them are just subletting space, and have been for 10 years or so. . . :)

Oh noes! Superconductor mentioned the "Botcon" word! Seriously, a mass-market release of Red Alert would be cool, especially if they waited a little while. The Prowl/Bluestreak/Smokescreen trifecta seems a little too close together, release-wise. I am digging the redecoes this round though, as oppossed to other series. Just got Ironhide and besides the jigsaw vehicle mode and the blue face he's great. Can't wait for Ratchet.

I think they went forward with Prowl because he's a no-brainer, and then followed up with Silverstreak and Smokescreen because they've both got vibrant, eye-catching colours that no other release in the same class shares.

(It probably makes some sort of sense on a cosmic level, when one imagines that the same sort of visual marketing rules were in effect twenty-five years ago.)

So Red Alert and, yes, Ratchet seem like clear shoe-ins. I guess the only major factor is how long the Classic's 2.0 line runs before we get into Movie v.2 gear-up time.

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