$66,800 would substantially reduce my mortgage.


You want $66,800 that?

Good luck with that.

Here's the Arstechnica article Kelmeister's Husband just sent me.

I love the general comments too from people who are obviously not afflicted with our disease.


I think that even $2000-$5000 would really be pushing it personally.

I love this comment:

"Even if I had the money, I would not buy it. In the end, you cannot *do* anything with these. I also know of few 10 year olds with $66k on them, but they would certainly love it. Maybe a charity thing? Buy it and then donate it to a hospital."

Donate to a hospital? Ha!

886 pieces? Heck, you could get 70 grand for just ten of these!

Isn't that guy writing that he knows of "few ten years olds with $66k on them" implying that he knows of at least one ten year old with $66k? WHERE IS THIS BOY AND CAN I BE HIS DADDY?

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