Odds of them redoing the crappy Superion?


Amazing. The instructions artwork makes Universe 2.0 Bruticus unfortunately look so much better than the actual toys.

I don't really remember what any of those limbs look like since the Energon Combiners went on a shelf and were never touched again.

Wouldn't one of the jets... that little warthog one... couldn't that have been thrown into the mix here too?

Well... I suppose the tool has two copters on it or something.


Ugh. I hate repetition...


As a kid I loved the combiners. When I got older I kinda thought they should have stopped at Devastator because he was the coolest one and the others kinda stole his thunder.

Ugh. I hate Energon combiners...

Modern Scramble City-style combiners would be absolute win.

Heck, the Energon guys had the right idea; it was just unfortunate that the implementation was so ill-thought-out.

I mean, nobody is gonna hold it against HasTakTomy for wanting to save a few bucks; but Classics Sunstreaker / Sideswipe amply demonstrates that with just a little forethought, you can get two very different figures from the 99% the same mold.

And then there's the issue of some of the Energon figs just being terrible in general. (i.e. the Constructicon crane brothers - what exactly was the reasoning for not having the legs shrink, peg, or otherwise brace against anything other than the bloody crane boom itself?)

And let's not even talk about the combining pegs. Twenty years of engineering progress, and we get something that's basically exactly like sticking the figures head in a socket, only bigger now.

Maybe with the alleged appearance of the green construction team in the upcoming movie, we'll see a resurgence of new combiners... It would be interesting to see the studies on consumers buying individual robots versus giftsets versus the supreme pricing bracket.

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