Ok. Now I'm mad.


There was more damage from the various falling robots than I had originally noticed.

The "nose" off my Exclusive Crazy Steve Botcon 2008 WTF?!? Tetrajet Skywarp appears to have broke off.


That's like one of my best acquisitions for 2008!!!

I'm so sorry oh Evil King Macrocranios! :-(


"Know a friend who has a blog-shrine to Shockwave and needs this figure to continue living? Then don’t pass this auction up!!"
Now that's scary!

Methinks Jin may be the first person to explore the "Shockwave Fan Blog Owner" market demographic... that, and clearly, Christmas came early. :)

I didn't even notice that - I don't actually read the sites after all. Man... that's almost eerie...

I need to get the domain name theyrejustfuckingresinchachkis.com
It's really not a big deal.

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