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Flickr has recently changed their info, now showing you aggregate stats and external links back to one's Flickr photos.

My Transformers stuff is interesting.

The most popular TF Photos I've taken?

They all seem to be of movie figures and then the Sam's Club RID Prime.

However, at #9 my most popular photo is when I came down with the awful horrible shingles. (Actually, one part of my current health problem can be directly traced to that shingles outbreak!)

My #1 TF Photo though?

Transformers Movie Brawl (bot mode)

This deluxe Movie Brawl photo.

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Hey there... This sounds a little odd, but I'm trying to write a paper and present to my leadership class about why Optimus Prime is the best leader. I'm having few setbacks as far as proof goes but I AM having problems finding any reference that would suffice other than the show, the movie and (sadly) wikipedia. I was hoping maybe you could point me in the right direction! Feel free to email me if you think you can help me out:

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