TF Universe Bluestreak

TF Universe Bluestreak

Pssst... Hasbro?

Why give the love to Bluestreak here with some color on his missiles and make Prowl all boring?

And no. You don't have to comment that his name does not appear as Silverstreak here!

TF Universe Bluestreak is the 2127th Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Universe Bluestreak
TF Universe Bluestreak


Because Bluestreak actually used them in G1.
It's not rocket science. Oh wait, i guess it's missile science.
But you know what i mean.
Either way, i absolutely fuckin' love this figure, i was spending my money on Animated mostly, so before this one i only had Sunstreaker, a dissapointing honk of shit, Silver/Bluestreak gives me more faith in Universe Classics 2.0. (I was gonna get all the new molds anyway)
Nala, any thoughts on Universe Hot Shot,Dinobot,Wheelie,Warpath and Rodimus?
And am i the only one who wanted a new Wheelie figure?

eh, they're in the club magazine, i assumed someone patched you some links.
Rodimus is a new Legends class mold, looks mostly like his Alternators version in bot mode.
Warpath is pure sex.
Hot Shot

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