Henkei Powerglide


TF Henkei Powerglide

So much nicer than his Hasbro counterpart.

This is one repaint that is worth every penny.

My only complaint about him is that his arms look so small in relation to this upper body.

Maybe I can get Teresa to craft him a frilled leather jacket too.

TF Henkei Powerglide is the 2128th Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Henkei Powerglide
TF Henkei Powerglide
It says "Buy me! The Hasbro one sucks!"

It says "Buy me! The Hasbro one sucks!" in Japanese.


I'm going to have to get him---these are the best pictures I've seen of him, by far. I have the U.S. one, but I'm getting him too!

I just don't get the "realistic" paint job of the U.S. one. The argument that realistic paint jobs were selling better for the movie line doesn't ring true to me. I grew up in and now have moved back into the flight path out of Dover Air Force Base, and while I know that A-10s do come in a silver and white paint scheme, the iconic warthog paint that I've seen most in my life is camo olive drab. Why don't they have a olive drab paint scheme? Would it have really killed them to release him in his iconic red? Really!?

I don't want to paint my U.S. one, so I'm just going to hold onto him. I hope I can get this one at a decent price!

I don't know what it is, but it just looks like he has a pair of thruppenny bits...



I'm vaguely tempted, but I'm not paying twice as much for him, sorry.

On the other hand, I REALLY REALLY want this mold, inexplicable as it sounds, as Skyquake. I think that would be insanely awesome.

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