Laundry. Pack. Install. Fold. Pack. Etc.


So I'm in the middle of the insane mad dash to get ready to fly out at 6am tomorrow.

There's a chance I may see Mrs Duce and Mr Duce if they were to drive up to the City. Otherwise, that'll be the only robot geekage I'll be exposed to there.

The return of less than shitty Transformer pictures?

Giga found my light box.

He's started taking photos of his toys to sell. I'll try and start getting mine started when I come back next week.

Part of all my laptop and desktop rebuilding has been so I can synch up data so I can work wherever I'm at on the various websites.

Hopefully, I'll get some quality time in on the new site design and maybe even some editing done on Splintered while I'm traveling.


Are you going to share with us his Ebay name/site name so we can peruse thah goods?

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