I must me mad! Mad! Mad I tell you!


I'm not sure if it is the 2 Tramadols I took or the cortisone injects that were shot into the gap in my knee joint this morning but in addition to the Hasbro Toy Shop order, I just went a little batshit crazy over at the BBTS.


I'm just too old and quite frankly just too jaded to waste gasoline any more driving aimlessly around the Cowlands looking for a toy that has likely been snagged by lowlifes from the stores.

I've got Universe Sideswipe, Universe Bluestreak, and Henkei Powerglide coming from there.

I also decided to put a bunch of crack on pre-order just so I won't have to be bothered with looking for it out in the real world.

Animated Ultra Magnus, the silver Alternity Nissan GT-R , Animated Swindle, Animated Blurr, and Universe Inferno are all pre-ordered.

Hopefully TRU will get those last 2 damn 6" Titanums fully up for order. Prowl and Grimlock are there just not orderable at the moment. Prowl does look kinda craptastic though.

According to TFSource, I should be seeing my City Commander armor and the other insane I pre-orded to arrive soon.

Toys. Toys. Toys.

Need a life. Need a life. Need a life.


I always get sucked in by BBTS. For me it means getting english-only packaging delivered to my door. And they've been really good with all the statue issues.

Also eager for Magnus! And Omega Sentinel! Hurry hurry hurry!

I like BBTS too, but man do they ever take price-gouging to the extreme. $75 apiece for Henkei Skywarp and Thundercracker? Really?

Also, I don't know if they are actual planned releases or just more 'what-if' shots, but the City Commander guys knocked out a couple of sets in Powered Convoy and Dark Prime Nemesis Scourge Convoy colours.

I wasn't a huge fan of either version of Classic's Nemmy Prime, but the matching City Commander set makes the combo very desirable.

Via tformers.com

I got both the GIJoe DVD/toy packs from BBTS. I however got burned when they got to the border and charged $11 more in taxes from the good ol' Canadian Government. I never in a million years thought I'd see these toys in stores so I bought them online and now I see Zellers and Toys R Us have them...

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