TF Collectors Club Seacons


TF Collector's Club Seacons

No. Seriously. Was I drunk or really high when I bought these club figures?

I paid how much for fugly colored 20+ year old toys again?!?!

The TF Collectors Club Seacons (Snap Trap, Skalor, Nautilator, Tentakil, Overbite, and Seawing are the 2121st, 2122nd, 2123rd, 2124th, 2125th, and 2126th Transformers that I've acquired.


Well, the packaging kicks all kinds of ass. And I really like the figure molds. But the color selection ruins what could have been a really great set. Design people!! Sometimes less is more!

Nostalgia is a terrible thing.

Funny how the Snaptrap in package looks like a Shockwave head with a blue eye.

Also (re: other pics), I like your new watermark.

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