This and that Thursdays.


I happened to be reviewing my blog stats looking for more damaged entries I need to fix and so forth from back in the 2002-2004 era when I noticed a major spike in traffic from a site I seemed to be unaware of!

Yup! Jin Saotome's got a blog.


In other news, some search terms that lead to over the last week were...

9 i hate target
9 you're letting the stank out
8 crack
7 transformers crack
7 asshole fall out
7 letting the stank out
6 letting all the stank out
6 transformers devestar
6 sweet gay
6 close the window you're letting the stank out
5 asshole fell out

Hmmm... I'm at work so I'm not going to bother looking now but damn if I'm not curious as to what all the "asshole fell out" searching is for!


Oh. I can't remember who emailed me a week or so ago but no, Hasbro did not ask me to take my photos down of Action Master Shockwave.

I upgraded MovableType again and thought it best to drop down to the newest default templates.

I need to completely rebuild the entire site from this new code, especially the commenting sections, and just haven't had the time.

I've got most of the staff of currently working on Sarah Palin / Barack Omaba slash fiction right now.

Hopefully the production schedule will free up soon to continue retooling the site... or should I say sites now... along the custom designs I have.


"I've got most of the staff of currently working on Sarah Palin / Barack Omaba slash fiction right now."

That's not a euphemism of some kind is it? "Staff" an "working on" etc.

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