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Any attempt to make this room not look like a disorganized mess is futile.

I wanted an adult toy room and I'm still gonna end up with a toy room that looks like any other miscellaneous toy collector who lives in his mother's goddamn basement!!! (Albeit with quite nice shelving and an excellent color choice and matching rug!)

Anyway, so I'm trying to dust off this crap on the Classics/Universe 2 shelve to shove the recent shit onto it when I noticed something.

I always put guns in the right hand of all my bots.

I cannot find a single figure that has a gun placed in a left hand.

Yes. I'm right-handed.

Yes. This probably is why I do it since it is natural to always focus on the right hand.

Are any of you left-handed?

If so, please look at your gay robot collection and let me know which hand you put your guns in.

The anthropologist in me is screaming for data!!!


For the most part I do right hand as well but a few I tend to left. For example, I've always put any weapon a figure nammed Prowl carries in the left hand.

Not sure why. I guess Prowl just feels like a lefty.

Oh my god, I've just noticed it on all my TFs. And my Lego figures. And my Star Wars figures! All in right hand...

Typical of us Brits really, we like Right Hand Drive...


(I'm a righty, FWIW.)

I just did a quick survey of the robots scattered about the apart. Looks like maybe a quarter of mine are left-handers. It's a decided minority, but there are rather fewer lefties than righties. Or perhaps I just don't pay that much attention.

I'm a lefty, and I have to consciously avoid left-handed gun placement. I do it occasionally to change things up, but for some reason I'm neurotic about acknowledging the right-hand bias, even in toy robots, who presumably are programmed to be just as efficient with either hand.

Most of my figs sport their guns/lightsabers/whatever in their right hands, though I try to mix it up. With that said, any figure that has both gun and sword has the gun in the right hand and the sword in the left. Always.

I'm a southpaw, and I always put the Autobots weapons in the left, and the Decepticons in the right. Stupid, I know, but my toy world is me-centric. I am my toys' alpha and omega, God upon high, etc, so of course the good guys are designed with me in mind. This would actually hold up if I had designed any of them---but at least I do have a say in who stays around and who's shipped off to someone else's toy world via ebay!

My collection is still a mess. It seems I spent more time hunting and less time keeping the home fires clean. So I can only give you an assessment of three lines - Titanium deluxe, deluxe PVC and RobotHeroes - discounting those figures where there are more than one accessory in use or where the hand cannot hold one (RobotMasters Jetfire):

Titanium - WW Magnus, Menasaur and WW Jetfire are lefties.

Deluxe PVC - Starscream wields to the left.

RobotMasters - the Beast Convoys (Primal and Fire) wield their weird cannons from the left.

Also right handed here. I know that my Joes flip back and forth depending upon the grip of the hand.

I am left-handed. I consciously put weapons in the left hand.

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