And then... there was awesomeness!!!

The real Classics Ultra Magnus!

And then, Teen Jesus came down from on high and with a choir of cherubim and seraphim in the background, blessed this wretched horrid little mud ball with the awesome and stunningly magnificent Fans Project City Commander armor/trailer set.

Oy koledy!!!

The real Classics Ultra Magnus!

The real Classics Ultra Magnus!

It is an utter thing of beauty!

And his gun? Hahahaha! Bad f'n craziness there!

And the thing is, not a part is wasted and kibbly!

The real Classics Ultra Magnus!

Yes. There's no comparison between this and anything the guys at have ever done. And that's not a diss at their accessories either.

I've just never seen anything this ambitious that is so damn perfect!



I've gone as far as to say it's the very best aftermarket add-on ever made for a TF. Expensive, but well worth it in my opinion.

Don't forget to add an Autobot symbol on his shoulder.

That. Is. One. Big. Frakking. GUN!


I am BLOWN AWAY by that promo video! BLOWN AWAY!

I agree with your comment on add-ons. I like the stuff but it just isn't the same. And ImpossibleToys thinks they can compete with TF:A human characters and exo-suit Daniel?

My big regret (other than getting ripped off by third-party distributors on the Cliffjumper set) is that there is no indication yet that the Diaclone colour version seen at TFCon will be for sale.

I'm taking a pass on the shadow version of the armour for Nemesis Prime simply because I'd have to open Nemesis (something I'm only weighing) and I don't think he feels right with the armour. But I pray to the sky above for Diaclone goodness!

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