TF Animated Ultra Magnus

TF Animated Ultra Magnus

He's nice.

I'm surprised how visually he reminds me of a merging of G1 Ultra Magnus and Car Robots Gad Magnus.

As you probably know, I'm a huge fan of the latter kneeless one.

TF Animated Ultra Magnus is the 2129th Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Animated Ultra Magnus
TF Animated Ultra Magnus


Honestly, i (World's biggest G1 Magnus fan i tellz ya) can barely stand him, he's too different to be G1 (usually not an issue but: ) and too G1 to be a cool new bearer of the name. (RID Magnus,Energon Magnus)

Ultra Magnus rocks my world! I can't tell you how much I want a diaclone coloured version. Just the right balance of G1 goodness and newness!

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