Traveler's Blues

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So apprently, according to the Twitter feed...

giga wrote: @naladahc all your mailorder TFs are belong to us!
I've got so much on order coming from 3 places that I have no idea exactly what it all is.

I've been hesitant to check the credit card because of the likely damage there.


It was nice to see that TakaraTomy is finally rereleasing something new instead of yet another Starcream or Convoy rerelease. Hoist and Trailbreaker , while not my cup of tea, at least haven't been reissued yet.


I never got up to WeBeToys on Geary and Masonic. I wouldn't have any space to bring back any Titaniums even if I did find them here.


I'm ready to go back to Cowtown. I miss The Hoont amongst other things.

Well... not my job.

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Lots of pretty toys waiting for your return. That's so exciting! Maybe one is the Omega Sentinel.

And I'm super excited about Trailbreaker. I love that G1, but I never owned him. Still don't. My chance has arrived.

When are you back?

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