Well, I guess with E-Hobby redoing that Sunstorm again it makes the original release that much less original.

It kind of pisses me off actually.

I paid major money for this figure since it wasn't exactly something that I ever expected them to do again.

What next? Reissue Ghost Starscream?


I'm hoping for an E-Hobby Astrotrain reissue!

Nominally, I love reissues and a chance to pick up those missing figures... but after the premium I paid for some of the E-Hobby exclusives, I'd be PISSED.

But... I didn't get into this as an investment.

What I want to know is: when is somebody going to re-release the dinocassettes already? (I know, I know, mold is probably gone already.)

I'm with Soma - I'd love a reissued eHobby Astrotrain. Right next to the six pack of mini-spy gobots. Seriously. I'm all kinds of upset I missed that set.

While I'm not upset about the release of Thundercracker in the land of the rising son (that competes with Botcon's version), I understand that some people are. I figure this is up there with that decision. That said, I'm super excited. He's on my top ten list of must buys and now I can get him.

And for reissues, I've been really happy. I got Godbomber. I got Sky Convoy (yes, I really wanted him). I got Soundblaster and Twincast. And Trailbreaker is coming!

Next up for me in terms of wants? Metrotitan, definitely (though I doubt - given there is no notice of it yet - this will come to pass).

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