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In preparation for trying to get more sedentary shit done over Autumn and Winter, since it is likely I won't be able to do much in the way of physical activity, I decided to finally spend the time redoing Maximus, my desktop PC and maybe even redoing Kama, my laptop.

Maximus is now about 5 years old and I've only rebuilt it once since Summer of 2003. It is totally maxed out guts-wise, and while I really want to buy a new desktop, I'm going to hold off and see how long I can keep the old desktop active. Though when I do buy that Adobe CS 4 Master Collection later this month, that damn 8GB of memory on the new PC I want would no doubt be a blessing.

I'm now on day 3 and only about 40% done completely backing up, totally wiping out the drives, and rebuilding from scratch. I'm also experimenting going with a completely encrypted environment too.

Now the real time-killer is the reorganization... or actual organization... that I need to do.

I have hundreds of gigs of unorganized files, especially those that pertain to my photography.


For someone who has been in publishing for almost 15 years you'd think I'd manage my own personal image assets a little bit better than I do.

Of course not!
That would be too appropriate.

I have probably 15 folders littered over multiple drives labeled "To Be Sorted" that have never ever been sorted.

Hell... I don't even want to think about how many times I may have backed up and duplicated that files over and over. Bad bad bad Nala.

So I'm going to waste the rest of today and Sunday going directory to directory, sorting everything and trying to eliminate redundancy.

That way, when I'm done, I can at least have a solid backup of all of my data (going back to the mid 1990s) that is as simplified as possible.

The real future time waster is going to be the cataloging of and proper description/metatagging of all of my photos going back to 1997 or so. I probably have thousands of files labeled IMG00001.jpg to deal with.

Oh. And speaking of organization, Giga's working diligently on building an online store where he'll be selling off his action figure collection.

I'm thinking of using that store, or my own variation of it, to sell of the Transformers instead of using Ebay.

So... hopefully soon we can run a beta of the store and see how it goes.

Ok. I gots files to clean up!



I recommend the store route. I plan to use fairplaythings for my sales too, just because I'm tired of getting dinged by eBay for no service at all.

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