E-Hobby Urban Defense Robot Gadep

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E-Hobby Urban Defense Robot Gadep

And to think I just thought he was an old generic Guardian Robot.

Yeah. He was probably a poor choice to buy but I never ever thought I'd see a repaint like this.

I like that they took liberties with the front of this box too. It obviously isn't just the old Omega Supreme done in 1 ink.

E-Hobby Urban Defense Robot Gadep is the 2130th Transformer that I've acquired.

E-Hobby Urban Defense Robot Gadep (rear box)
E-Hobby Urban Defense Robot Gadep

It came with a 2 page comic. Not sure if it is a reprint of 2 pages from somewhere else or not. Says the artist is Japanese though so I doubt it is from any Marvel or IDW thing I've never seen.

Stickers too.

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I love him. I know in years to come his white will fade and yellow. But he's so pretty now. He's worth it.

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