I just want to say... I LOVED THIS MOVIE!!!



I walked by a TV running the movie at the store the other day and within 2 minutes I was totally sucked in and immediately bought the film.

I'm talking about... Speed Racer!

It... it... it is insanely fun!!!

I bought into the world created in the film and I honestly can't say the last time I remember having so much fun watching a movie.

Not even this past year's Iron Man was this much fun.

And I think that's the key here. You have to buy into it completely and not think about how insanely crazy it is.

The fun I had in this film is what I wanted to have in Transformers and didn't get.


Hey, that's great! I missed it when it was out at first and then people were panning it, so I just didn't bother after that. I'll pick it up and check it out. I was hoping it would be the way you described!

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