Soon after dark Emily cries.


So yeah.

I've wasted the past 6 hours or so cleaning up The Crack Den and trying to get the shelves rearranged and maximize the limited space I have.

Yes. I am the lame.

I think the highlight of the day was when RID Slapper took a nose dive off of the top of Black Fire Convoy's box, then fell into the Master Sword God Magnus was holding which then fell into Fire Convoy which then took a 5 foot fall to the ground.

Fire Convoy took a nosedive off his shelf!

He didn't quite shatter, but all the armor kibble flew off into various directions.

Thankfully, G1 Shockwave didn't fall off.

I really don't have much G1 stuff out because I really don't like all that much of it.

I don't know what I'd do without him though. He's the reason this f'n mess exists in my life!


He eliminated both the Optimus and the Magnus of his series? Wow, way to please the Megatron of his series.

oh, that is sad indeed... but i think you have inspired me to do the same rearranging/dusting the toys tomorrow... i will be wary of jumping toys though. that is how my classics roddy lost a blade.

See? Thats why I do not have a Black Fire Convoy. They are tainted!!! Cheers.

The nightmare of all figure fans. It's like my JLA McGuinness Flash who lost an ear piece, god knows how. The pain is undying.

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