Too much for me these days.



I doubt I'll ever have the Binaltech Black Convoy at those prices.

Sure... it is exclusive and all but do you know how much Spring plants and such $250 buy?



Yah, $250 for a mold that some would argue is the worst of the line. Now if it was gold...


Lucky Draw Gold Kiss Player Convoy...

I think what slays me is, the insistence on making these figures such bloody exclusives. I realise that the practice is a bit of a given in the collector's industry nowadays, but just for once it would be nice to see something I want without having to fork over three or more times its original price.

Conversely, I'm sure that this argument can be countered with evidence of the failed Commemorative Series, but I think the problem is one more of the sales route than anything. If some of these figures are intended for older collectors, why not attempt to sell a decent stock through a proper online (eHobby-esque) outlet, as opposed to TRU?


Aaaaaaah... I caved and got one. And he's GORGEOUS. I keep telling myself that he's got the worst articulation in the whole line, but when you are holding seven pounds of die-cast it suddenly becomes rather easy to forget...

I am now convinced that if they had released this mold as Trailbreaker and Hoist respectively, die-cast and all, every other indiscretion of Takara would be instantly forgiven.

I think the question now is, am I crazy enough to get a second one and mod him into the aforementioned Trailbreaker? :P

Is this mold THAT bad? I still don't own this or the original red Prime version ... but have been eyeing an Alternators Nemesis Prime version. It's the typically steep price tag off eBay that holds me back ....

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