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2007_03_03_dell.jpgI don't know if it was because the car is now paid off, the fact that I'll be getting a tax refund check soon, or my constant add it/remove it from my cart at Dell for the past 7 weeks but I just finally went through with it and just bought a new laptop.

I'm getting the Dell Inspiron 6400 with a 2Ghz Intel Duo Core 2 processor with 4MB L2 cache, 2GB of memory, 3-year extended warranty, and DVD+/-RW. Basically everything one needs in 2007 to have a nice mobile PC.

I could have done the cheaper Acer, and my gut tells me I'd have been 80% happy, but the biggest problem with almost all current laptops from all vendors is the fact they are installing glossy LCDs on them.

I can't stand the glossy LCDs!

Dell has even started doing it and this model had the option for the less cool but far more functional matte finish LCD.

Not being able to have every single reflection in front of me on screen is probably the best "feature" I could ask for and unfortunately, it is not longer the standard.

I went with Vista Business too but I may wipe it out and install XP. It'll be good to have the Vista license though but on the whole, there's little that Vista offers anyone other than way too processor wasting visual crap on-screen.

Yeah. The guilt is already setting in but my Powerbook G3 Pismo laptop, now at its 7th birthday, is showing bigtime age in terms of speed. Using OS 10.3 I can barely watch a flash video or any kind of current video content without bringing the machine to a halt. It is still a hardy little laptop for basic wireless internet, basic browsing, blogging, and word processing and such. Photoshop CS is a little sluggish.

But it is done. No more wasting hours comparing brands and models.

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Vista doesn't waste a lot of processor power - most of the graphical frippery is performed by the otherwise idle 3D hardware. In a desktop it's really nice. In a laptop though, it might be worth turning it off if only to save the battery.

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