Transformers Club Exclusive Minicons


I had a few minutes tonight so I ripped out the Club Exclusive minicons and snapped a few shots for the archives.

You my collector-mentality is fading when away when I ripped open expensive exclusives these days.

No more of that "mint-in-the-box" shit.

Minicon Astro-Line (Bot Mode)

Astro-Line is great but he came from a fun little mold.

Minicon Astro-Line (AltMode)

Astro-Sinker is really good too. The dark colors totally work.

Minicon Astro-Hook

I loathe Astro-Hook as much as I did when he was just a Cybertron minicon. Ugh. Balls ugly.

Minicon Starcatcher (Alt Mode)

Starcatcher is Astrotrain's gimmick minicon, serving as a vehicle transport and a weapon.

Minicon Astro-Hook

And then there's Astro-Hook.

Just as ugly as he was the first time around. He's not much different.


Dude... were you drunk when you did this???

I have not been intoxicated since Botcon actually.

I just don't care much anymore.

Black Fire Convoy definitely had an effect on me.

Well, you must've been on summat if you put Astro-Hook on twice, even though you hate the figure!



Hah! I was so tired when I did this I didn't notice that.

Aw c'mon ... Astro-Hook ain't THAT bad ...

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