Holy shit! There is a use for Energon Fatimus Prime!



Larkin posted a link at his site to a Japanese Kitbash/Custom site and lo and behold what should I find but the likely candidate for a Ultra Magnus custom was there right before my very eyes.


Leave it to someone in Japan to use the rather ugly Superlink Convoy as the base for an Ultra Magnus repaint.

You even get the "white" Prime component too if ya want.

I hate Energon Optimus Prime but man, this repaint and retool makes it totally work!

There appears to be a lighter "blue" version too but I'm thinking the darker blue/red works here.

Too bad the pictures are so poor. They look like cell phone pics.


Ohhhh, I agree, I'd buy that Perceptor in a flash!

M. (Who's just bought the re-issue of Perceptor...)

Those pics made me search ebay for another superlink prime. i love that perceptor.

Cool looking custom UM!

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