Why Nala no love film Megatron toy?



Well. I'm pretty sure that I can truthfully tell you that that odds of me buying this figure at anything less than 60% off is highly unlikely.

There's going to so much cash saved this year on new toys.

And I have Hasbro and Michael Bay to thank for it!

It couldn't have come at a better time frankly.

Perhaps I should take all the wads I would have blown on TFs this year and buy an endless army of Cybermen or Daleks.

I kinda want the Cyberman bathtowel too. The Dalek one isn't bad either. I just wish it said "Exterminate water!" or something like that.

Oh... and I must own the best socks in the f'n world!!!


That is the worse, most fugly TF I've ever seen... Doesn't even look as though they've even tried with it... Pathetically pathetic...

Love the Who stuff though! Makes me proud to be English at times!


With all the money I'm saving on TFs this year, I'm making a downpayment on a house...

Well not really, but you get my point. I'll just get some Stikfas and Lego instead. And just because it can change from one thing to another DOES NOT make it a Transformer!

Hmm, I actually dig this figure. It has a Cryotek, Cryo Scourge, and Frostbite feel to it.

Now, I'm not saying it is an awesome "Megatron figure", and the alt mode is kinda lame, but I do like the robot mode. If it's priced right, I will probably get this.

Please don't all of you flame me at once ...

yes that is one of the worst Transfomers, if you can call it that ,ever made

I knew that I'd seen that figure before:

He looks like a Rocklord, and a girly-clear one at that. Bleh.

As a stand-alone action figure, he isn't all that bad - the detailing with the ice is really nicely done. As a Transformer though, he's got the sort of alt. mode the Clones would be jealous of; and as the next incarnation of Megatron... well, words fail me.

Having said that, I'm sure he'll be spectacular in the movie; all of the TFs will. It's just a shame that it's going to be a throwaway popcorn flick, when it could have been so much more...

I like Rocklords... so.... NYAH! >8Þ

::runs to a corner and sulks::

agree. this is horrible, melting-icicles shit. It is not a transformer. On the bright side, how about Movie Ironhide?


I sent this image to a friend of mine, and I now present his response without editing, as it captures my feelings better than I could express them:

That steaming pile of shit looks like they took the original megatron
toy and applied the following ajustments:

1. Run it over with a car.
2. Run it over with a car.
3. Run it over with a car.
4. Glue the shrapnel back back in any order as long as it takes a basic
humanoid form. Oh, it doesn't stand on it's own anymore? No problem,
make his feet double sided. Hey, we had extra pieces anyway.
5. Have a yeti spit on it. You know, for good measure.
6. Let dry over night.
7. Run it over with a car.

Why does your friend hate America so much?

It's a transformer so... i'd pretty much buy it brainlessly.

Oh. Like I said I'll probably get it.


At 60%+ off around clearance time.

um.... thats NOT the original movie toy, the original one is crap but better than this..........go to Hasbro.com/transformers/ then go to leader class, you'll find the original one there...

Um... this is a post from March. We all know what the final toys are now for each branding.

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