Nah... I don't have anything.


I find it funny that this far into post-production, all rumors regarding the Transformers film voice casting seems so incomplete.

The film's cut has been screened by the MPAA and the studio and yet we still haven't heard anything about confirmed voice actors, especially for Megatron.

*spoiler ahead*

Of course, according to the script I read he's pretty much just a macguffin.

I've even read that some of the CGI designs are still being tweaked which I can't imagine this late in the game.

Oh well.

Do I really care?


I've just had nothing TF-related to blog about.


Heard a rumor that Bumblebee doesn't even speak. He uses his radio to scan for what he wants to say. That made me wonder if there ARE no voice actors aside from Prime.

Yeah Bumblebee at first uses Radio broadcast to say what he needs to (a la the Junkions). I dont recall if later on he acquires a more direct communication approach as I didnt read the whole script for not wanting to ruin anything for me. Of course after I read the part where Sam asks him "How did you find me" and Bumblebee replies "Yahoooooooooooo!" I had to roll my eyes. ^^

Just out of interest, does anybody know where i can grab a copy of the script (If it's still available) ?

I haven't seen it in months and months.

I think I read it towards the end of last summer.

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