"What as strange-looking building."



You know your ad may be too ambiguous in design if someone who isn't familiar with Transformers comes into your office when the ad is up and says... "What a strange-looking building."


It was very wise to put Metroplex on a Transformers film poster.


Have you seen the deluxe fig? Looks like a friggin' Rock Lord.


Am not impressed.

Man, I think the layout and design guy/gal also needs to rethink the text positioning. All I want to do right now is "destroy" the Transformers movie logo.

I agree with Frowny, the deluxe version of movie Megatron looks like a POS ... although, it might be a Revoltech fig, since it seemed to have those types of joints.

I know this is off topic from the post: but I just got the Convoy Revoltech figure. It's pretty sweet, a nice PVC figure with lots of poseability. I am definitely getting the Megatron version too ...

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