Non-transforming new plastic crack.


There's more awesome plastic Whoness coming out soon.

Cyber Controller and Cyberman guards set

There's a modern Cyber Controller and 2 Cyberman guards is great.

I like the new Cybermen a lot but I wasn't a fan of their simple "parallel Earth" evolution. I'll take Mondas thank you very much. Or even the awesomeness that was Telos!

Face of BoeI can't believe they've made a Face of Boe figure!!!

I can't imagine a kid wanting one to play with since it isn't like the Face of Boe actually appeared much or does anything exciting.

Still... it is pretty cool that they went to the effort to do it.

I think we'll end up eventually getting all these new Who figures just "because" we can.

Well... who knows.


Oh. BBC has some new flash shit up that basically gives a good overview of the Doctor for newbies.

What's awesome is they actually mention Susan, the Doctor's granddaughter!!! So... I have to assume that fact is still canon!


Face of Boe FTW! Might have to get that...

I've always wanted a replica TARDIS toy ... but all I've ever seen on eBay is TARDIS cookie jars ...

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