Beware the evil of online auctions!


Ebay scams are running rampant these days.

I've been on the receiving end of 2 of them these past few days.

I was bidding on a really rather nice set of G1 Road Caesar combiners (with the boxes to boot) as well as something else and within a day of bidding I got fraudulent emails from people who supposedly were the sellers asking me to buy the figures outside of Ebay.

It really pisses me off too since they somehow have my email addresses. I didn't think you could find that info any more from ebay, let alone who was bidding on a given item.

Of course, these emails were practically identical template-based emails with even the same spelling errors.

You expressed interest on an item. I'm the owner of that item on which you've recently bided on through the eBay system... Item title: MIB Road Caesar -- Individually boxed -- TF Victory -- Item number: 120102454356 and I've contacted you because I need to know if you are still interested to buy it... Email me as soon as posible with your answer because I must to know if is necesarly to find another buyer or if you can buy the item for a negociable price....If you accept this offer the eBay policy automatically proclaims you winner. The transaction will go strictly according to eBay's RULES and POLICY and will be supervised by eBay Trust & Safety Department. If you are interested just contact me... I am waiting a fast response!
Um... the auction as of right now is still live.

I wonder how many people fall for the ebay scams and phishing emails.


Did you get that after I sent you one?

Yeah. That's the same auction I was actually an early bidder on.

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