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Well the countdown to the inevitable is upon me.

I'm on what is hopefully the last 5 weeks of work on The House of Love III to get it ready to go on the market. I'm wrapping up the basement floor repairs and once that's done, I can finish the basement stairwell and call it quits on that level.

Some painting here and there and a new coat of enamel on the front porch and hopefully I'll feel satisfied that the house is ready.

Between all the finishing work I need to pack up the Attic of Love.

Everything I've seen and read has pretty much said one should hide or get rid of collections like this because of the way potential buyers can perceive the use of a room.

And let's face facts... almost 1850 is a bit unnerving.

Hopefully I'll take a few pictures here and there as I pack things up. I have a lot of stuff that is old and doesn't get a lot of photo press on Flickr or elsewhere.

The other day I started building a new database to track the collection but I wish I could validate the entries while I'm packing up but quite frankly, that would just take too much time.

I'm kind of just hoping that with whatever new house my future holds that I can do the validation and so forth as I unpack.

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