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Ok. It has been a couple of days now so I can finally write a bit about the greatest television show ever.


Battlestar Galactica's final episode for the season has aired.

And I, Nala, loved it!!!

***Spoilers Ahead!***

"Crossroads, Part II" was fantastic. I totally and utterly loved it.

Now there's a lot of people who didn't, and one of them really hasn't been liking the direction the show has been going in for a couple of weeks now.

For me... Ron Moore has been able to keep me guessing and every week has delivered something that I didn't expect. That pretty much amazes me that they have been able to keep developing the show.

The Trial of Gaius Baltar

I thought Roslin's bitch-slapping of Lee with the cancer reveal in last week's Part I was great but Lee actually having to take the stand and essentially be the voice of reason for the remains of the Twelve Colonie's society was fantastic.

Every point he makes, especially where major death or frak-ups resulted in characters being forgiven is completely true!

In light of everything that has been shown in this show, to maintain internal consistency, Lee has to disagree with executing Baltar!

There's no way around it! None at all!

And bringing up his own cowardice and jumping the Pegasus from New Caprica when the Cyclons appeared actually made me kind of like him for the first time ever.

I have never actually warmed to Lee Adama at all.

He's kind of like the Scott "Cyclops" Summer of BSG. And I've never been a Cyclops fan either.

This new Lee?

I'm liking him.

Revealing at least the Four

Ok. The reveal that Tigh, Tyrol, Tory, and Anders are 4 of the remaining 5 Clyons was totally from left field. Does that mean Starbuck is the 5th?

The whole "5 unknown" Cylon models definitely could not have been in Ron Moore's original bible for the series. It doesn't really work since these are supposedly created constructs.

Something had to create them, and timing-wise, the human-appearing Cylons had to exist prior to the end of the Cylon War considering Adama and Tigh were in the war!

The whole thing with the 3 of the 4 of them being Cylons doesn't work if this was planned from the very beginning but I'm willing to overlook it in hopes of being given more excellent stories.

But I'm a stickler for internal logic, especially with character's histories and continuity, and Tigh and Tirol have had enough continually referenced "past" elements to make me suspect that this reveal was a recent development.

Anders almost died of pneumonia on New Caprica too. Obviously, human Cylons can get human sickness too.

Which of course makes me want to go back and watch the episode where the one virus is killing the Cylons to see if Anders, Tyrol, or Tigh play any roll in it.

Starbuck cannot be a Cylon since the entire episode finally revealing her past with her mother completely contradicts her being "inserted" into the colonies as a sleeper agent. We finally get to see how her fingers were all broken which was mentioned way back in the past when she returned to Caprica for the Arrow of Apollo. It has never been implied that there are children models of Cylons so they can't really seem to go from child to adult.

2007_03_28_thrace.jpgOne thing that wasn't surprising, and something I knew might occur was the return of Kara Thrace from her apparent "death" a few weeks back.

Now I still would have been blown away if the producers would have permanently killed off a major player in the story but there was too much unfinished business with her supposed destiny that I knew she'd be back in some form.

There was also her visions before she died that made me realize something far greater was going on. If you recall, she was being shown visions by what appeared to be the Cyclon Leoben but right before Kara died, she realizes that he isn't Leoben at all and he said something like "I never said I was."

I think the Six in Baltar's head, the Baltar in Six's head, and the Leoben in Kara's head are all manifestations of the same spiritual/mystical thing that is leading each character into fulfilling some part of the tapestry of the story.

We saw Starbuck's viper explode so does that mean she's someone the fifth unique Cylon?

She reappears at the final moments here in a viper which would contradict that she completely died and was destroyed.

But the planetary storm she supposedly died in looked very much like the "Eye of Jupiter" nova explosion which looked very much like the wall painting she did when she lived on Caprica.

It is all connected somehow.


Oh. And one thing this series has definitely done to me?

I cannot suffer through any Star Trek series from The Next Generation to Enterprise anymore.


Funny- I had the exact same reaction vis a vis Star Trek. This show produced more hours of quality television in its first season than all of the modern star trek series--combined.

It's pretty amazing what they managed to do with a forgotten Star Wars rip-off from the late 1970s. Especially when you compare it to what the people behind the Trek franchise managed to cough up over the last decade.

Lucas should look long and hard at this before embarking on the rumored star wars tv series--he will be hard pressed to match this, which is somewhat ironic given these franchise's histories.

'Kay, Ron Moore has confirmed that they're Cylons, but I can't believe it's a coincidence that these were the four central figures of the resistance on New Caprica.

And I'm a little miffed that the official explanation for Cylon/human crossbreeds is "love." Previously, we understood that the only way it had worked was a male and a Cylon female, as they had tried the other way on the "farm" and it didn't work. But if Tyrol's a Cylon that chucks that out the window.

Finally, I like Lee and have long been a fan of Scott. Sure, I'm a contrarian, but. . . It's a totally thankless job they both have, trying to keep an excessively dysfunctional group together, and they manage to always put their duty before their endless angst. (More succinctly, desite being ragingly emotional, neither one succumbs easily to those emotions.) And both have to deal with the sudden death and sudden not death of the love of their lives. (which is probably the only parallel you can draw between Jean Grey and Kara Thrace.)

So no more BSG until the Pegasus film, but anything that brings more Michelle Forbes into my life is welcome.

And Alex-

RDM was the supervising producer for Deep Space Nine for a few years, not to mention he also worked on Voyager and TNG. So he's on both sides of the equation.

I think you can solve the problem with Tigh et al being cylons with a simple "deus ex machina"... At some point the REAL Tigh, Anders, Tyrol and Roslin's assistant (sorry can't think of her name) died or were captured by the Cylons and their memories were inserted into Cylon copies. These copies would go on to act like normal, never aware of their true nature, only to be "awoken" at some point to serve as some sort of Cylon cell.

Of course, to use that logic you have to assume that the Cylon's had the foresight to know that their sneak attack on the colonies would NOT wipe out all of humanity, that the Galactica would survive (Tigh as XO), that Roslin's other aide would die and be replaced by the current person, etc. OR you could assume that these individuals were replaced at some point during the series, only we didn't know about it.

I'm glad Starbuck's back, she's my favorite character. Hopefully they won't make her a Cylon, too. Why in the world are they making us wait until 2008 to have our questions answered?

I'm more willing to think that these things were meant to happen, and that "All Along the Watchtower" is a hidden piece of prophecy. I mean "Outside in the cold distance/A wildcat did growl" seems an obvious parallel to the discovery of the Lion's Head Nebula during the first half of the season. I'm sure there are more examples to be found, but I think it'll be a while before I rewatch season 3.

Also, is that Starbuck, or is it Lee's "Starbuck"? (Like Baltar's "Six" or Six's "Baltar.")

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