I'm lame that way.


So I broke down and spent the $40 to renew my pointless Transformers Collectors Club membership.

On the whole there's no real reason for me to buy it.

There's nothing in the newsletter that I care about. The Master Collector paper the club newsletter is wrapped in is pretty much an outdated remnant of the pre-Internet. There's nothing to get excited about with the yearly club figures

Hell, I'm still waiting on the real club toys to show up that I bought last year.

I guess I can chalk it up to getting the Botcon discount if I choose to do the Primus package this year.

My gut tells me that this year's Botcon will be just like any other and there's very little any organization could do to change it. $350+ is a lot for toys and dealer room attendance for me.

I really was just thinking of going as a walk-in. I really don't need to hear the same-old panels over and over again and pretty much they've been the same since my first con in 2003.

The dealer room and lots of alcohol are all I need.

And with the room reserved and the flight booked, we are kind of stuck going regardless of the events.

What's shocking, and this still amazes me, is that they say they are on their 3rd hotel!!!

How the hell can that be? Are this many geeks plopping down scratch for a con that we haven't seen a single toy from or even a single agenda item/guest?

Blows my mind.

And of course, I'm guilty off it too.

I'm lame that way.


Yeah, the TF Collector Club has always intrigued me, but the friggin $40 membership (a.k.a. rip-off) fee and uninteresting (IMHO) exclusives stop me from joining.

Plus, those reissue Energon combiners look lame-o. I prefer their original Energon versions.

Yeah. If you don't plan on attending a Botcon or if you don't want to pay the price for the exclusives then there's absolutely nothing of any real value for the $40.

Not even a secret decoder ring.

Never been to BotCon and would love to go - but I can't afford the time, nor money. I live vicariously through you and other TF sites that report the event as it happens.

And up here in Canada, $40 seems like a bargain...

I hear you on the membership price. They try their best with the magazine but it really doesn't sell things. I signed up last year just for the discount. As for the exclusive, I think I might prefer them if they WEREN'T clear.

The GIJoe Copperhead looks nice though. Wonder if it is in size to the 25th anniversary figures. Like I need more plastic.

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