Don't cry over con exclusives.


I suppose the best thing about the Botcon insanity is the fact that Evebird alerted me to more message board bad craziness.

While I was just irked that Hasbro or MC couldn't foot the bill for the frigg'n film showing as a "gift to the fans", it seems a helluva lot more people are up in arms over the fact that the show figure exclusives are Thundercracker, Dirge, and Thrust, with a Dreadwing repaint and a miscellaneous useless Bumblebee repaint thrown in.

I think I mentioned to Mr. E months ago that it wouldn't surprise me if Thundercracker was a con exclusive and that it probably should be.


Regardless of the fact that much of collecting fandom wanted this produced as a mass market release, the mere fact that a bunch of us losers drop shitloads of cash to fly to the con and then attend the damn thing makes this figure far more special. Especially for this year in which there aren't a whole helluva lot of "themes" that anybody really seems to give a shit about now that Beast Wars cybertron forms are done.

The fact that Thundercracker and the remaining 2 conehead seekers are Botcon exclusives makes me really happy actually.

Hell, I'm betting that the attendee exclusive will be a damn Sunstorm repaint of the Starscream mold too.

I'm not trying to piss anyone off but in the scheme of things I just don't care.

We are wasting over $1600+ to go to Botcon this time.

That's a whole helluva lot of scratch at a time when I'm trying to sell my house and buy a new one.

If I get something for that all of those people who don't drop money on the travel and con attendance want then so be it.

That truly defines the concept of an exclusive to me.

And one I well damn deserve if I'm going to support these cons like I have the last couple of years.


The other to seekers is cool it would have been nice to see some new molds as well for the other car robots maybe a Tracks, and a sideswipe/suntreaker as for the movie thing $25 is b.s. it should be included in your package. The local station up here was interveiwing Tyrese because he had a concert up here in T.C. and he basically was convinced he's the star and the movie is lucky to have him. but the Dj called him on it and said it was about the bots


And here I thought that one seeker being an exclusive two-pack with Magnus was bad. And I was so looking forward to having a second full set of seekers. Oh well. Like I would spend several hundred dollars on toys that AREN'T MP quality anyway (Love my King Exkizer).

Nala - Since you are going to BotCon, any chance you could pick up an extra Convention set for me?


Promise to pay you back with PayPal ....

See your email.

However, I just checked back on the form and I can only order 1 loose set so you'll actually have to buy your own via the form.

I can try picking one at the con but there's no guarantees here since getting these at the door is almost random. I was lucky I was able to get one last year for Frowny since they were selling out of so much crap.

For which I'm still grateful. I may try to get a set of these, but I'm really questioning my crack purchases these days now that I'm sorta back on the paper. . .


For godssakes man... stay off the plastic and the paper.

Becoming a heroin addict is far cooler these days!

Well, I never wanted to spike, and my consideration of heroin as a way to pass the time ended the day I saw Corey Haim's hair and teeth on eBay. He was ostensibly going to use the proceeds to buy more heroin. And having recently had a chance to observe the clientelle of the crackhouse around the corner, I've ruled that one out too. Looking incredibly gaunt and nervous and twitching uncontrollably just isn't a good look for me, I've decided.

Besides, I wasn't talking about recent paper crack. Nope, it's been a week of Jack Kirby's Thor, Don Heck's Avengers and the first Devo album for me.

I'm taking a trip to Chicago this weekend for my anniversary and I doubt it costs much mor than $600 for the whole thing. Most of that is the hotel.

The moral here is, Botcon is way overpriced in the long run. I'm kind of glad I've never been.

Man, I haven't thought about collecting 'paper crack' since first year college. Had to give it up (mostly all the X-Men series) cause I couldn't afford it ...


It really helps when one of the people you drink with owns the store and gives you not only credit but most things at about 2% above cost.

Of course, it's also a good way to get in debt. Damn you, Iron Man!

Frowny - Cool that you get a discount, but I can't believe the regular cover price of paper crack these days!!

When I was a kid, I paid maybe $1.25 ... now I see 'em typically cost $3 or $4 ... WTF? Talk about MAJOR price hike ....

. . . which is why I usually wait for the trades, which are generally more cost efficient and durable. I do a lot of loaning out. The only comic I collect in single issues (and which I will pay any cover price for) is Love and Rockets.

Well, and Eightball whenever he decides to put out a new issue. Ice Haven was killer.

Thank goodness for trade collections - that's how I read all of Neil Gaiman's Sandman ....

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